Presentation of the project at the technical morning of “routes de France IdF” 2019

During the technical morning organized by “routes de France île-de-France” on April 15, 2019, Bruitparif was asked to present its news and missions. Part of the presentation was devoted to the LIFE COOL & LOW NOISE ASPHALT project .

Routes de France is an organization gathering the various actors and professionals in the field of the road, in particular the asphalt manufacturers, the local authorities and technical partners. The technical morning is an annual event organized by the Ile-de-France Regional Office of “routes de France” which addresses the development of the profession on subjects as diverse as acoustics, recycling, sustainable development, etc.

The actors of the road are very sensitive to the results of the LIFE COOL project & LOW NOISE ASPHALT, in particular on the potential of acoustical pavement coatings in urban environments. Bruitparif has thus been able to provide further information on the progress of the project, as part of the development and dissemination of the project to third parties.