First meeting of the scientific committee and the stakeholders committee (COSCI-COSTA)

On 18 October 2018, the first meeting of the scientific committee and the stakeholders committee (COSCI-COSTA) took place at the Pavillon du Lac in Bercy park, Paris. The members of the scientific committee and the stakeholders committee—a dozen people present that day—watched a presentation given in the amphitheater that morning. In the afternoon they enjoyed a field trip, visiting the pilot sites in the 15th arrondissement.
In the morning, all the partners presented the project’s content to the representatives of the local authorities (including Turin and Brussels) and to the industry-experts concerned (thermal: Météo France / acoustic: Acoucité Lyon / Bituminous coatings: Brussels Belgian Road Association, IFFSTAR). Subjects of discussion included the design of new coatings and their expected qualities, the possibilities in reading thermal and acoustic data to reach conclusions on qualitative and sanitary impacts, the possibilities of thermal modelling, medium-term changes in issues relating to road surfacing, changes in mobility and public space, consideration of energy expectations, the circular economy and air quality.
In the afternoon, the visit to Rue Frémicourt and Rue Lecourbe followed the same course as the inaugural walk on 15 October, which was open to the press.

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